The bone broth you are (or will soon be) drinking is the result of years of testing, tweaking and testing some more. My gracious family powered through trial after trial (and some error) to help me land on a bone broth that lives up to my standards for nutrition and their standards for taste. Making bone broth is hard. It takes research, time and commitment. Shortcuts produce sub-par bone broth. Here is what make Morning Glory Farms the best bone broth you can buy. 


I cook my bone broth for 72 hours. Thoroughly cooking the bones is the only way to extract the maximum amount of collagen from them. Beware of any broth that contains a thickener, such as carrot puree. This is typically added to broth that has been cooked for a shorter amount of time to mimic the texture of “real” bone broth. 


In my family, no matter how good something is for you...if it doesn’t taste good, we’re just not going to stick with it. I knew that if I was going to get my family to consume bone broth on a regular basis, it would have to taste great. Every ingredient in my broth is included because it enhances taste AND enhances nutritional value. 


Morning Glory Farms Bone Broth is made fresh and promptly frozen simply because it’s better that way. In order to make bone broth shelf stable, a preservative is typically needed, which can affect the taste and texture of the broth. Those are not concessions I’m willing to make. Fresh bone broth retains its nutritional value and is easier for your body to break down than preserved  food, which is designed to prevent break down. 


I promise to be honest and transparent about what goes into Morning Glory Farms bone broth and beef products. I believe in God and I am strong in my faith. Whether or not that means anything to you, to me it means treating others with honesty, love and respect. And I believe that is something from which we can all benefit. When you buy Morning Glory Farms products, you are buying honest, wholesome, feel-good-about-it food. 


Morning Glory Farms is 100% owned and operated by one girl. I am that farm girl. This business is a product of my determination to feed my family good food that makes us healthier. I am a registered nurse, certified lactation consultant, nutritionist, business owner, wife and mother of three. Morning Glory Farms is my fourth baby. Thank you for supporting a 100% family-owned, woman-run, Midwest American company.